Florida Miracle

Florida Miracle is Central Florida's region-wide Dance Marathon, supporting Children's Miracle Network at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Our mission is to raise funds that support Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children by building a community focused on health and hope.

This citywide dance marathon calls on everyone who believes that every child in our community deserves the most advanced medical treatment available. In 2016, our year-long fundraising effort raised more than $14,500! In 2017, we were able to double that amount and raise over $28,000 and in 2018 we raised over $30,000!

But Florida Miracle isn't just a dancing event. For those who have participated in other Dance Marathon programs, they'll tell you it inspired them and changed their lives. And the best part? You're doing it alongside friends, family, coworkers AND the very families treated at our hospitals whose lives you are helping to save! Whether you participated in a Dance Marathon program in college, or you've never even heard of a Dance Marathon event, we invite you to join us in celebrating our third annual year and help us to raise funds that benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Why stay on your feet for that long? To quote the first Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Dance Marathon’s mission statement: “We dance for those who can’t.” It is this solidarity to – and connection with – the cause that makes Dance Marathon an event unlike any other.


Meet The Miracle Makers

This volunteer-led event has a team of dedicated individuals working hard behind the scenes. Take a minute to 

learn more about them here

Upcoming Events

Join us to help raise funds for our mission!

4th Annual Dance Marathon

Saturday, June 29, 2019

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Orlando Regional Medical Center

52 W. Underwood St.

Orlando, FL 32806

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