Fundraising Tips

Whether or not you've ever been a part of a fundraiser, asking for money can seem
like an overwhelming task at first. But it's easier than you think!

We have some tools (and tips!) for you to use and with our resources and your talent,
we know you'll not only reach your goal but exceed it!

Every dollar you raise helps save and improve the life of a child.

Tip #1: Customize your fundraising page

    • Add a photo to your page to make it more personal.
    • Share your story and/or the reasons you've signed up to participate.

Tip #2: Set a fundraising goal

    • Set a goal that is challenging but attainable.
    • Lead by example and be your very first donor.
    • Share success; Halfway there? Only $5 away from your goal? Tell your friends & family to motivate them to help you along!

Tip #3: Ask (and then ask some more)

    • Share your fundraising page on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. 
    • Send personalized emails through DonorDrive or your own email client. 
    • Use snail mail! Everyone loves a personal card or letter and it's a great opportunity to make a direct ask.
    • If you need more ideas, check out this list of 10 ways you can raise funds to help reach your goal.

Tip #4: Double (or triple) your donations through Matching Gifts

    • Remind your donors about matching gift opportunities that might be available. Some companies match 3:1, so that $25 donation can turn into $75!

Tip #5: Thank Your Donors

    • Take your mom's advice and send those thank you letter! Whether you send a card, an email, or post a thank you on social media (a great tool to motivate others to donate, too!), your donors will appreciate the time you spend to recognize their efforts to help you.